About Kalklitir family


Kalklitir is an Icelandic family-owned company that specializes in natural paints and decorative art. The company is built upon the skills and education of Audur Skula, who is trained as a decorative painter. Over the years, Kalklitir has evolved, and our products can now be found in various parts of the world. We take pride in the rich heritage of our products and recognize the responsibility we have to minimise environmental impact as a sustainable company. Our work is our passion, and we see ourselves as craftsmen. Kalklitir is a modern brand that always seeks to make a positive impact in every decision we make and every action we take.


The Kalklitir family consists of married couple, Audur and Hjortur, their three grown-up children, Viktor, Fanny, Agusta, two in-laws, Kristrun and Arni, and two grandchildren. We have seven employees, all members of the Kalklitir family, as well as our furry employees, Jökull and Lennon. We all live abroad in Belgium, away from our home country Iceland, and this has strengthened our team, as we rely on each other in and outside of business, and spend a lot of time together. Besides working together every day, we enjoy spending family time together, like having homemade lunch (sometimes with grandchildren joining in on short days after school) and playing Padel after work. The women in the family also enjoy getting inspired together by going to flower shops and antique markets, workshops, trade shows, and doing all kinds of crafts such as embroidering, jewellery making and more. Together, we have a wide range of education and experience, from a law and business degree, service management degree, decorative painting and graphic design. We believe that this diversity has helped us as a group to see things in a different light in all kinds of circumstances.


            Home has always been a priority for Audur, who started living on her own at a young age with her husband Hjortur. Moving to another country or living in a temporary house has never stopped her from making a house or apartment a warm and welcoming home for her family. Creating a beautiful home has become a passion for all of us, and we spend a lot of time and effort to make it that way. We are truly grateful to be able to assist people around the world with something we are so passionate about. We look forward to continuing to do so and making a positive impact in every way we can. We hope that your visit to our page will be both pleasant and inspiring, and we thank you for taking the time to learn about the Kalklitir family.

Audur, Hjortur, Fanny, Kristrun, Viktor, Arni and Agusta.